The studio's aim is to create immersive spaces and engaging objects by leveraging new technologies in production and material composites. Collections and installations are realized through careful consideration for structural integrity, construction, and aesthetics. Extensive research in production processes and material features are a cornerstone of the studio's practice. Inspired by the works of modernist pioneers such as Antonio Bonet, Carlo Mollino, and Oscar Niemeyer, the studio looks to casting a post modern take on the built environment while incorporating the structural forms of modernist architecture. Every project produced by the studio is designed, engineered, and manufactured in California. Currently based in Los Angeles, the studio services and collaborates with both local and international clientele. 


Nobel Truong is an industrial designer and spatial artist working in furniture, lighting, sculptures, and installations. Truong received her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of California, Berkeley and continued her studies at the University of Cambridge and Haas School of Business. Her research focusing on organizational behavior and the philosophy of mind was presented at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness Conference in Paris in 2015. In the time leading up to her years in academia, Truong worked for three years as a web and marketing project manager at American Apparel in Downtown Los Angeles. There, she wrote systems architecture for the company's various online programs including its online store.

Between her studies at Berkeley, Truong began producing a small line of home furnishings for her own home. By the time she had completed her studies at Berkeley, Truong had developed an extensive line of furnishings and sculptures. In 2016, Truong moved back to Los Angeles and opened her own design practice. Drawing on her background in technology, philosophy, and fashion, Truong looks to bridging design thinking and engineering through the built environment. Since 2016, Truong has collaborated with Le Bon Marche in Paris, Garrett Leight California Optical in California, Paul Smith in London, and Shinsegae in Seoul. Her work has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicles, Los Angeles Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, and Fast Company. In her free time, Truong also operates the architecture resource Tecktur. 























































































Selected Installations  
2018 Los Angeles Theatre Los Angeles, California
2017 W Hotel Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada
2017 Paul Smith New York New York, New York
2016 Garrett Leight California Optical New York, New York
2016 Le Bon Marche Paris, France